Supplying the Glass Industry with materials and advice for several decades. Stocking raw materials, coloured glasses, polishing powders and tools for Hot Glass Blowing Studios since 2000.

Jim Moore Tools for Hot Glass Blowers

We stock the most popular of Jim’s blowing tools: jacks, tweezers, puffers, parchoffi, paddles, and straight, duckbill and diamond shears. We can order for you any of his other tools on our monthly order.

Kugler Coloured Glasses for Hot Glass Blowers

Stocked in Doncaster are over 160 of Kugler’s blowing / casing colours in the 3 cm thick rods, powders and most of the seven grit sizes.

We order weekly from Kugler in Germany so if there is a colour or size that you need, that we do not have, we can get it for you in a week or so – or you may choose an alternative from one of the many other colours we have in stock.

Polishing Powders

We stock various grit sizes of aluminium oxide white, silicon carbide, pumice, regipol - cerium based powder.

Also, for lapidiary work: iron oxide red rouge, iron oxide yellow rouge, chromium oxide green rouge, talc, zinc oxide.

Wheels in various sizes: cork, felt, brush.

Base Glass Nuggets

Our main glass nuggets for blowing is called White Water Glass and is specifically designed to work with Kugler and Gaffer coloured blowing glasses.

WWGN comes in 25 kg bags and we are told by several customers that it has very good and forgiving working properties for hand glass working, similar to using 24% lead crystal cullet.

Safety Wear

Kevlar gloves - thin and thick, over mitts, anti UV goggles and spectacles, kevlar sleeves, dust masks and half face respirators.

Raw Materials

We stock most of the material that someone would need to melt non-lead glass such as crystal grade sand, limestone, soda ash, potassium nitrate, antimony trioxide, barium carbonate, borax, zinc oxide etc in 25 kg bags.

Also, we stock many colouring metal compounds such as cobalt, copper and manganese as oxide and carbonate; red, black and yellow iron oxide; chromium oxide, tin oxide, titanium oxide etc etc.

We stock two plasters and a wide range of silica, quartz, molochite, firebrick, corderite based grogs.

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